Bighorn Oil and Gas has two major prospects the Horton Draw 4281.21 acres and the Golden Eagle 5550.62 acres prospects.

The first prospect called the “Horton Draw Prospect” is a 4281.21 acre continuous block of property located in the TenSleep area in the Big Horn Basin in the State of Wyoming. This prospect is centrally located in a well known oil and gas producing region. There are approximately 12 production fields in this area including the Cotton Wood field owned by BP to the north, the Enigma field  to the west and the Wilde horse fields to the south.

The second prospect called the “Golden Eagle Prospect” is located in the Rocky Mountain Over thrust belt close to Augusta, Montana. The location is in the general area of the prolific Bakken shale development that has created so much excitement in US oil circles of the past few years. The Golden Eagle prospect has a total of 5550.62 acres.

Although there is discussion on the future price and importance of oil there is a consensus that economically viable productions form politically safe regions will enjoy a strong demand. Our prospect located is close to existing refining facilities with available capasities, established distribution systems and markets in place. Oil in this region is primarily sower crude that is drawn from the Tensleep sandstone ranging from 3000 to 5000 feet below the surface. The oil in this formation was deposited in the Pennsylvanian Period which lasted from 320 to 286 million years ago. During the Pennsylvanian Period, widespread swamps laid down the thick beds of dead plant material that today constitute most of the hydrocarbons for this region.