Bighorn Oil and Gas is an energy exploration and development company. We target projects that are close to existing, productive sites, which means that new wells have a good likelihood of being productive. Our development is science based using a variety of tools including seismic, radiometric, surrounding oil field well logs, and geological surveys.


Business Model:

Our business operations model leverages our network of seasoned industry recognized individuals to from a highly experienced and scalable team to complement our core management group. These are experts who are skilled in the development, production and management of oil wells on our particular geological region and structures. As a results we have low overhead and chose to maximize the use of investments for exploration and development.

The Market Environment:

Although there is discussion on the future price and importance of oil there is a consensus that economically viable productions form politically safe regions will enjoy a strong demand. Because there is enormous political and economic pressure to increase the amount of oil and gas produced in the Unites States Congress has provided major federal tax advantages to encourage investment in domestic drilling. Bighorn Oil capitalises on this through energy investment partnerships. We create projects that diversify investors portfolio and provide a long term, partially sheltered revenue stream in an environment that has minimal political, social, environmental and geological risk.